Hello there.

My name is Emlyn, and I’m the soap lady behind Solid Soaps. It all started in 2013 when my boyfriend (now husband) wanted to “make the presents” for Christmas (yes, that’s a Friends reference). I bought a melt-and-pour kit from the craft store, and I cut out fun shapes with cookie cutters. I made him a T-rex soap with a red heart. :)

That M&P soap I gifted in 2013 was made with all the love I put into my cold-process soaps now. Only now I actually use science (and maybe a little magic) to make my creations.

My own hands make all of the soaps from start to finish, including cutting, labeling, and packaging!

Solid Soaps came to fruition in April 2018. I simply wanted to see if I could start a small business (spoiler alert, I can!). Since then, I’ve kept it purposely small. Raising two children (both under the age of 4) with my husband, having a day job as a clinical nurse specialist, and “life” makes it difficult sometimes to soap. However, I’ve committed to this business wholeheartedly, with full intention of delivering to you luxurious bars of soap made with minimal waste, packaged with recycled materials, and conscious of the environment.

All of my soaps are palm oil free. I use natural colorants and botanicals (occasional eco-glitter excluded), and I have vegan options. I dabble into bath bombs, bath soaks, and body butters, too.

The logo for Solid Soaps is a doodle I made on June 15, 2008 while waiting for John to finish work! It’s of my right hand (because I’m left handed).

Thank you so much for your support, and I hope I can make your daily routine just a little bit more enjoyable. Bar soap is here to stay, people! Make it worthwhile.

Besos, Emlyn